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Induction papers that fit in your pocket

Digital inductions that work on every smartphone.

With 1Breadcrumb, every induction is a simple, streamlined and secure process. There’s no need to give workers piles of paperwork to complete – all they need is a smartphone and they can self-induct and a record is securely saved on the cloud.

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Have eyes on every induction at every site

Find the information you need, as soon as you need it.

Grant admins access to view all pending, approved and declined inductions, from mobile or desktop. Simple filtering makes it easy to quickly identify who’s completed inductions for which projects and when they did it – no filing cabinets required!

Work off the plan or go custom

Tailor inductions to suit your needs.

Upload your current induction templates to 1Breadcrumb and get rolling straight away. Or, create something for a specific site or project with countless customisation options.

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Real time updates, real efficiency 

Never miss another induction.

Don’t be slowed down by oversight. Get instantly notified when an induction is submitted. With a direct link to review, you can stay across every update and keep things moving on-site.

Decide who, what, when and where

Save time with adjustable settings.

With 1Breadcrumb, you can configure induction settings with on-site or off-site options. By enabling workers to pre-fill non-site-specific information at any time, you can speed up on-site inductions and let the team get back to doing what they do best.

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Keep compliance in check

Review everything in an instant.

Using the live attendance tool, every person on-site can be instantly checked for their induction status. Along with the induction, you can review relevant licenses, competencies and tickets with the click of a button. 

Fit every file in your pocket

Compile all worker docs in one convenient location.

Tickets, licenses and competencies – they can all be stored safely and conveniently in the 1Breadcrumb platform. Workers can simply upload relevant documentation to their trade wallet and you can run reports to quickly identify any licenses approaching expiration.

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Don’t want another bloody app?

No need to download anything.

There’s plenty of reasons to love the app. It’s faster, seamless and simple to use. But, you don’t need it to get the best out of 1Breadcrumb. Inductions can also be completed on mobile and desktop, meaning workers don’t have to download the app. And if they don’t have a phone? Another mobile device can easily be setup onsite as a communal station to get the job done. 

Seamlessly integrated with Procore

Automatic. Instant. Coordinated.

Isn’t nice when things just work? With Procore integration, you can enjoy complete visibility of all approved and rejected time-stamped inductions across every project in one convenient location.


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